At The Moore Funeral Home we maintains a tradition of paying personal attention to each families’ needs and individual desires. We are a group caring and experienced professionals who are committed to taking care of each and every detail on your behalf. Our Funeral Directors are well versed in the funeral traditions of all faiths and backgrounds. We offer professional direction of services, whether held in the funeral home, church, synagogue, cemetery, crematory or mausoleum.


The Moore Funeral Home believes that a funeral is a very personal event, as such no two are ever exactly a like. The type of Funeral Services provided to our clients is influenced by many factors; tradition, custom, religion and individual preference. We believe that a Funeral Service needs to be adaptive in order to suit each individual family’s needs and wishes.


Please feel confident in knowing that we will answer any and all of your questions in a clear and comprehensive manner. We will take the time to fully explain all of our services offered, pricing information and payment options so that you are comfortably informed. We will ensure that the arrangements you make be carried out with dignity, compassion and precision.


Speak to one of our Funeral Directors about your needs and concerns. They will assist you and help you find the program that meets your need!

Traditional Funerals (one or two full days of visitation)

INCLUDES: Basic Service

  • Local transfer of remains to Funeral Home
  • Funeral Director, other staff, equipment and facilities needed to respond to initial request for service
  • The arrangement conference, securing of necessary authorizations, and coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased.
  • Embalming, Cosmetology, Dressing and Casketing
  • Supervision by Funeral Director and Staff for one day of visitation
  • Supervision by Funeral Director and Staff for Funeral Fervice
  • Use of the facilities for one day of visitation
  • Transportation to place of service/cemetery/crematory
Direct Burial (no viewing of the body)


  • The local transfer of the remains to the Funeral Home.
  • Services of the Funeral Director and Staff, securing necessary authorizations, basic local transportation of remains by livery to the cemetery and an alternative container.

The Moore Funeral Home is a third generation family owned and operated, full service funeral home. At The Moore Funeral Home we believe in paying personal and meticulous attention to each and every detail of your funeral.

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