Our History

Near the end of World War I, on a farm in Delaware, Lannis K. Moore won the heart of Kathryne Ralph. They eloped and he whisked her away to Long Island. These newlyweds embodied the indomitable zeal for hard work and saving for the future. Lannis worked on the Long Island Railroad and Kathryne was an elementary school teacher.  Nearly a decade later they had attained the goal of earning their degrees and licenses in embalming and undertaking. In March, 1929, the Moore Funeral Home opened its doors. Their desire was to serve the members of their community during the time of need. Lannis and Kathryne worked tirelessly for several years to achieve the stability necessary to start a family.  On May 5, 1936 Kathryne gave birth to Donald Ralph Moore.

Now that their family was in place, their work continued for many years, often preparing loved ones for viewing within their own homes. It was a fortuitous day when Joseph R. Ryan walked through the door of the Moore Funeral Home. His immediate hiring proved a benefit for business. It established a professional liaison with the Moore Family and an extremely valued friendship for over fifty years. As the years rolled on, Donald attended Valley Stream Central High School where he met Joan Hammer for the first time.  He was completely smitten.  Following their successive graduations, Donald’s tour in the Navy and his education to become a duly licensed funeral director, they were married in 1958.

Lannis and Kathryne added a significant appendage to the funeral home to accommodate the growing of family of Donald and Joan.  Donna Joan Moore was born on March 24, 1959 and Marianne Moore was born on May 22, 1962.  During these years, Lannis, Kathryne, Donald and Joan worked together to keep the business viable.  Although she had no formal training, Joan took on numerous responsibilities in the daily operations.  In addition, the entire Moore family gave tremendous time of themselves to the community, churches and numerous other organizations.  They held many joyous family and social celebrations in their homes.

The helm of the Moore Funeral home was turned over to Donald and Joan, under the watchful eye of Kathryne, upon the passing of Lannis, in 1974. Kathryne, the matriarch and surviving founder of the Moore Funeral Home, continued in her capacity until her death in 1988.   Donald became the sole owner of the Moore Funeral Home and, along with Joan, they maintained the same standards of excellence.   Joan died in 1994 and in 2002, Donald died.

Although Donna and Marianne initially pursued alternative careers, they eventually went on to graduate from American Academy-McCallister Institute of Funeral Service.  They were awarded their degrees in 1994 and 2000, respectively.  To the surprise of many, Donna and Marianne continue to operate the Moore Funeral Home with the standards by which they were taught, as the third generation serving the community.

Lannis K. Moore
1891 - 1974

Kathryne Moore
1896 - 1988

Donald R. Moore
1936 - 2002

Joan Moore
1937 - 1994